AdOps for the Online World

The Next Step provides world-class AdOps and analytics solutions for all corners of the internet. Running a blog? Offer your advertisers insights, targeting and performance they’ve never seen before. Selling products online? Suggest products to your visitors you know they’ll want to buy. Operating a free-to-use web app? Monetise it with rewarded ads, HB and more! In  short: you’re right with us.


Your Go-To for AdOps


Use Data

Use your customer data to deliver the perfect targeting options to your advertisers, sell and suggest products based on customer purchase history, preferences and profile data


Populate your site with ad networks and direct buyers. Create rewarded ad experiences and bring higher-quality ads to your blog, app or publication with HB, oRTB and more

AI/ML Experiences

Let us optimise ad delivery, content suggestions and more with the help of ML and deep data. By tracking and labelling interactions with your site, users’ interests become accessible


Combat AdBlock

Encourage AdBlock whitelisting without surrendering customer data with proprietary and tailor-made AAB solutions.Help bring back lost revenue and decrease block rates

Employ Customer Data

Build Tailored Experiences

We create tools for tailored and custom experiences. We build solutions to log interactions, track purchase history and assemble customer profiles and cohorts. Using collected data, you can immerse visitors in specialised walkthroughs, suggest products based on visitors’ interests and add a personal touch to your site’s purchasing experience

Monetise your site

Make Impressions Count

We’ve worked long hours to build relationships with ad networks, exchanges and direct offers. Through these relationships, The Next Step can make your ad stack count. Working with HB and oRTB, we set up your ad server and use our technological abilities to tie in proprietary targeting solutions. With our suite of products, you can offer your advertisers real insights, real visitors and real results. All while maintaining backfills and PMP deals with networks.

We Build for everyone

How Can We Help You?

Online Shops, Web Publications, Blogs, Free-to-use web apps, Service providers and more can all use data to their advantage. Find out how below.

Online Publisher or Blog

  • Ad Stack Setup: Maximize the value of every impression, and work with us to build a valuable ad stack
  • User Data: Use collected user data to offer targeting to your advertisers, and build a media kit you can be proud of
  • AdBlock Discouragement and Blocking: Recover lost revenue and deliver more impressions with counter-blocking solutions


  • Suggested Products: Suggest products to users based on their profile data, purchase history and more
  • Tailored Experiences: Customise users’ experiences according to data from their profile or purchase history
  • Interaction Labelling and Tracking: Track and classify interactions with your site to create better profiles
  • User Profiling: Build user profiles and sort them into cohorts to target ads and deliver better support and insights

SaaS and Agencies

  • Customer Profiling: Make initial contact and conversation more  accurate with interaction logging
  • Product Testing: See which demographics and target groups respond to which products well, and improve with data

Free-to-Use Web Apps

  • Ad Stack: Set your web app up with enthusiastic, premium network bids and encourage high-quality impressions
  • Dynamic Ad Positioning: Find non-intrusive and high-exposure parts of your application, and deliver ads
  • Rewarded Ad Experiences: Let us build rewarded ad experiences, and encourage impressions and clicks in a UX-friendly way

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